On Sunday evenings, my usual routine is to look at my calendar and see what the week is going to bring. There is at least one doctor’s appointment, a few reminders to request forms to be filled out, equipment to be ordered and the list of therapy appointments. Our week is filled with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and music therapy. Each month we visit our feeding clinic and our audiologist to set her cochlear implant to a better setting. All this looks quite scary on paper but it’s a routine we are now used to.

Every day, my daughter has therapy either at school or after school.

She is stretched, she is challenged and she loves it! We are exhausted by Friday but in a good way I guess. Each week, I wonder if I’m doing enough or if I’m doing too much. I try to find that delicate balance between too many appointments and therapies and giving her every chance in the world to succeed.

Earlier this month, I began to wonder if we are doing too much. The search for balance started and I second guessed all the therapies and the appointments. I spoke to our wonderful therapists and they told me it was OK to take a break. It might actually help. We could focus on our entire family and she could just be a kid for a while. We decided take a month off and enjoy quiet afternoons.

Now she plays with her siblings using the skills she gained during those long therapy sessions. She communicates using new signs she has learned and we learn more together.

Her progress doesn’t stop because the therapies have stopped. She challenges herself to get stronger and faster so she can keep up with her siblings. We will return to our old schedule soon, but for now, we are together as a family and we enjoy all that she has gained with her hard work. This is a marathon, not a sprint and we want her to know that family comes first.

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