Good news for the Hinkley household... We can finally cross one diagnosis off our extensive list!

Last year Oliver had a sleep study done due to some snoring, and was ultimately diagnosed with central and obstructive sleep apnea. 

We followed that study with a visit to an ENT doctor and found out he had large tonsils and adenoids.

Aaron and I weren't too sold on surgery to remove these just yet, but Oliver's neurologist highly recommended it so we proceeded.

His surgery took place in January and went according to plan. I didn't even have time to finish crying before it was all done and we were in recovery!

During Oliver's sleep study, I had been told troubling news that he actually stopped breathing multiple times when he slept.

This would probably explain the many of times he woke up at night crying for no apparent reason.

As a new mother, I thought it was all a part of the plan. Never did I suspect apnea and troubles breathing. It's frightening.

Come February we had another grueling sleep study. If you have ever had one before, you know they are not easy.

They stamp your child with leads and stickers all over their chest, face and head. Only to then cover their face with a stocking like material to hold the cords in place and to avoid pulling or choking.

Last but not least, they insert a nasal cannula. The end product looks of nothing that anyone would ever want to sleep in, but you’re supposed to somehow.

After Oliver fussed and fussed, realizing that I was unable to rescue him from this ordeal, he got some sleep. About 30-45 minutes of a time...

We were in the same office doing the study with about 4 other families. Granted we had our own rooms and televisions to keep us company, but you add TVs blaring from other rooms, crying children, alarms and slamming doors and you've got yourself an all-nighter.

Their little cherry on top is when they release you at six in the morning!

Having survived the night, we ended up receiving Oliver's results the next day.

Hearing the voice on the other end tell me it showed no more apnea or breathing problems for Oliver, was like winning a scratch off! Not quite the power ball but just enough to have me jumping with joy.

To have one less thing to worry about, one less thing to repeat back to a new physician, one less diagnosis to jot down on paperwork... it's sweet bliss.

Finally we don't need to schedule a follow up and can just move on from something and go forward.

We can finally... rest easy at night knowing he's sleeping soundly.

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