With our son’s birthday coming up in a couple of months, I’m on the lookout for some gift ideas to give to enquiring friends and family.  

Here are some items that would be perfect gifts for our son, who will be turning two, and one food item he just really enjoys. 

While none of them are specifically made for children with special needs they should be able to be enjoyed by lots of toddlers and young children.

Maracas or musical instruments

toys for children with special needs
These look durable and, unlike some children’s instruments that are chunky and difficult for my little one with low muscle tone to grasp and hold for long, have longer more slender handles which should make for easier grasping.

Hanging chair swing

toys for children with special needs
How great is this?! 

We do not own this (yet) but it looks to offer more support and comfort than a traditional child swing. 

A traditional swing would require us to roll up blankets or towels to stuff on either side, or put the GoTo seat inside of the swing to offer enough support to very slowly push our son. 

The description for this hanging chair swing states you can hang it from a swing set like you would any swing. 

It also claims to hold up to 265 pounds. 

It could be hung indoors or outdoors. 

I hope this is something we will have a chance to try out this summer!

Drum set

toys for children with special needs
I like that this drum set can be played at floor level unlike a toy drum set where the child has to sit on a stool to play. 

It comes with drumsticks, lights up, has nine songs, and looks great for sensory development. 

Our son loves music, and this will give him an opportunity to be involved with making some of his own (Grandma and grandpa, hope you are reading!).

Finger paints

toys for children with special needs
What child doesn’t love to finger paint?! 

I think finger paints (washable, of course) are a great way to incorporate art and a sensory activity together. 

I also like the fact that it’s an activity my three-year-old can do with her brother. 

If you feel like getting fancy you can include lessons on mixing colors, or add some shaving cream to the mix. 

These will be a great addition to our art box.

Yogurt pouch

toys for children with special needs
Our son loves yogurt, and these pouches are organic and so easy to transport. 

I like to keep one in the diaper bag with a spoon in case we need a snack on the go. 

Our son doesn’t hold and feed this to himself, but my husband and I were able to feed one to him sitting on an airplane because you can just squeeze a little spoonful out at a time if needed. 

Portable snacks for the win!

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