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I'd like to share a list of several of our current favorite things in the hopes that some of you may enjoy them as well.

It is a great challenge to find things on a budget that our son will get a lot of use out of.  



So we haven’t actually used this item yet, but our son is receiving it as a birthday gift this weekend. 

This handy gadget is a wearable wireless thermometer. It is worn under the arm and can monitor your child’s temperature for a 24 hour time period. You use your smart phone or iPad to monitor the child’s temperature. 

It will alert you if the child’s temperature is higher than normal and can be tracked continuously. Our son doesn’t love having his temp taken under his arm, and is unable to hold a thermometer under his tongue, so this device sounded like an excellent alternative to try. 

I love the fact that a temperature can be taken without having to wake the child up overnight.  

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Ipad holder

We have been using this product for about four months. Our son spends a lot of time in a hospital bed in his room, so I was searching for a device to hold the iPad at his bed so he could watch movies. 

This product is very adjustable via the bendable arm, and will hold phones and tablets. It could also be attached to a wheelchair tray, tabletop, car seat, Firefly GoTo Seat base, you name it.  It would be quite useful for playing games or using apps when the child is not able to hold the tablet or phone themselves.  

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G-tube Covers

We purchased some g-tube covers for our son for his birthday. Thus far, we had just been using split gauze to protect his little belly from any leaking that might occur from his GJ tube. 

A friend told me about the covers, so I looked into them online.  There is an overabundance of places to purchase them from, but I selected an etsy shop called Swoonbabyhandmade. She sells reasonably priced covers in adorable prints. 

I ordered a set of assorted boy g-tube covers and specified the color scheme I was hoping to receive. She sent covers in the exact colors I had asked for and they seem to be very well made. I believe the covers are better than just using gauze because they have snaps to keep them secure!  We find random pieces of the gauze all over the place because they fall off.  

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