Have you seen the various blogs where they show you either a piece of furniture or room of a home that looks gorgeous and you want everything in the room, only to read further and see the price tags on all of those drool-worthy items? 

The same thing can happen when you walk into a cute little boutique, fall in love with a dress, and then audibly gasp when you flip the price tag over. 

Come on, I can’t be the only one!  

Often, I see a cute outfit on pinterest or in a magazine and go in search of similar items to recreate a more budget-friendly version of the outfit. 

If a clothing item or outfit is “trendy” I am even more motivated to find it at a reasonable price, just in case it’s a short-lived trend. 

This season, the item I’m after (if the price is right) is an off-the-shoulder top.   There are countless adorable outfits to be created with this one popular item. 

Take this outfit for example.  Love it.  Every single part of it is darling.  I’m just not interested in spending $94 for a top that might be out of style a year from now.  I recently bought an off-the-shoulder top in a tiny floral print at my local TJ Maxx for $7 you guys. Talk about a bargain.  I can’t wait to pair it with my white denim crops and a pair of wedge sandals.   


If you want to splurge and you can’t live without the exact items in this picture you can find the shopping information here. The top, jeans, and sandals- JUST those three items- cost $721 in the outfit above.  Yikes.


My goal here is to help you save and create an equally fantastic outfit for less than the one above.  Here is my “save” version of the off-the-shoulder look above.  


This Outfit costs a total of $79.97! Follow the links below to each product

Top - H&M

Jeans - Macy's

Sandals - Target

Here are a few other wedge sandal options as well. Click the images for purchase information. 



Some things are worth splurging on, like a handbag or great pair of sunglasses.  Other things, like trendy clothing items, as I mentioned, are worth saving on. 

This allows you to try the trend out without committing to it for years because you saved so much on the item to begin with.  Spend a little time searching for a sale or bargain and enjoy giving a trendy item a try in your wardrobe this summer! 

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