​Last week our Judges chose the winners for our Faces of the Firefly Garden competition. It was such a tough job with so many amazing entries.

After much deliberation (and a few arguments) the judges finally agreed on our 4 winners. We hope you enjoy seeing their smiley faces pop up around the Firefly Garden.

Arielle, United States of America. Arielle is the strongest 2 year old I know. she is a 2 time stroke survivor and the doctors told us at 8 days old she would not have any quality of life. her doctors told us she only had 10 percent of her brain non damaged. she was released at 2 months old and hasn’t stop amazing us since. she has many diagnosis including spastic quad cp. hie, and cvi. but she doesn’t let those get her down. she is a very happy 2 year old that like going to swimming therapy, being outside and swinging on swings at the park. she might not be able to vocalize but she tell us thru her eyes that she is strong willed and happy.

Harry, Republic of Ireland. Oh course I would say this because I’m Harry’s mammy, I think he should be the face of Firefly Garden because he is the most beautiful little man and despite everything he’s happy most of the time, he may not be able to tell us but that smile says it all. He loves sitting up in his GoTo seat beside his family.

Bjørn, Denmark Proud to introduce my 10 year old son Bjørn, he is no more special than any other child in this competition, but he’s my little guy, which makes him special in my world. He should be your face of Firefly as he hardly ever grumbles, no matter what he goes through! Bjørn’s nickname in NICU was Viking - partly due to being half a Dane and partly due to the fight he put up against all odds. He has taught us so much about what really matters in life, and when he meets new people and they see that smile, they just melt. smile I’m proud to be entering my little guy, and if he doesn’t win that’s ok, because I see that smile every morning. smile

Abigail & Isobel, United Kingdom. We really want people to see beyond the ageing stereotypes attached to many disabilities. We feel it very important to “See the Ups not the Downs’” the girls bring a massive amount of fun and laughter to our lives and it would be very selfish to keep then to ourselves. 

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