The other day, we had a swim at Nana’s local pool with our cousins. Then we decided to go for a look around the community garden just to the back of the carpark.

It was actually my first time in a functioning community garden and it was lovely!

Let me first say that we parked the walker outside the gate. Grass, stones, lots of planting beds and scattered bushes don’t make for ideal walking in a gait trainer.

However, Brielle was in her element sitting and playing in the long grass and scooting along in her usual bottom-shuffle manner.

I quickly discovered how fun it could be for children with special needs to be involved with their siblings or friends in planting and tending to a community garden.


Just being in a communal outdoor environment on a warm summer’s day is so calming and rewarding. The chatter of children and chirping of birds sounds of contentment.

During our visit, one local woman and regular to the garden suggested that we pick some elderflowers to make some homemade cordial. So I picked some elderflower heads and Brielle touched and smelled them and help me put them in my little sack.

She also got some sips of elderflower cordial a few days later!

For sensory exploration, the garden was great as Brielle loved feeling the grass, flowers, bushes, and various fruits and veggies that were growing.

She got to hold onto and walk along the planters.


She could smell the flowers and various scents throughout the garden.

I’m not sure how much she could see as she only has limited vision in her left eye. But certainly I think she could pick out the contrast of the white elderflower heads again the green bush and see the little yellow buttercups in the grass.

She heard me talking with the local, and her sister, and could hear other children chatting, birds, and I’m not sure what else!

And if she’d liked to, she could have eaten a freshly harvested strawberry as one of the children had picked some in a cup and was offering us all one!

So what a lovely activity to do with your child with additional needs especially during the warm summer months!


Find your local community garden or small farm where you can explore outdoors and utilize all of your child’s senses to the max.

Next time I’d love to have Brielle in her Upsee. I think she’d love it, going around feeling the bushes and plants.

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