This past weekend, I went on a mini girls-trip to Nashville to see one of my favorite bands, Trampled by Turtles.

It was the first time I had been able to take a breather since Cooper was born, and with a new baby on the way, it was now or never. 

So, on Saturday morning I rose early to finish packing my suitcase and soon I was off to the Music City with two of my girlfriends, both married, one an art instructor and a mother of two, the other a former teacher and pet mom.

Though it’s only a three hour trip from my little hole-in-the-wall town, it took us nearly six hours to get there, because though we are now married with children, we are all still women with wanderlust so naturally we had to stop and explore every neat little town and their hidden treasures on the way. 

We stopped for smoothies and a little shopping at this tiny, wooden house converted into a coffee shop and emporium in a town that barely has a spot on the map. 

Then, we stopped for lunch just outside of Nashville in the historical Leiper’s Fork, where many celebrities make their home. 

We dined at a new restaurant, owned by a Food Network star, then walked across the street to explore the art galleries. 

Finally, we made it to our hotel, checked in, and proceeded to do all the activities a woman does to prepare for a big night on the town.

When nighttime fell, the three of us ventured out of our hotel and walked downtown to the big block on Broadway that’s filled with bars, restaurants, and boutiques where at any time you can walk in and listen to the next big thing perform before they get too famous to play in bars. 

We dined in an Italian restaurant, or rather my friends dined, I spent most of that time outside or in the bathroom, fighting off the waves of nausea that hit me as soon as I breathed in the heavy smells of garlic and stinky cheese that filled the restaurant. 

Though I was feeling quite awful, my determination to finally, finally see my favorite string band live beat out my stomach’s desire to upchuck that awesome cheeseburger I had for lunch. 

So, onward we went to the Ryman Auditorium, where all the legends of country and bluegrass music have played. 

As I expected, the band was even better live than on record and by the end of the night, I was moved to tears, probably because of hormones.

By Sunday, though, I was ready to return home to Cooper and my hubby.

You’re probably wondering what my girls’ trip has to do with my son’s needs, so I’ll tell you. 

Every parent, especially those with children with special needs, need a break every now and then. 

I realize that’s much easier said than done, heck it took me six years to go on one, but with a little careful planning, it can be done. 

In the short time I was away, I was able to be just Telina for a moment in time again. 

I was able to stroll through art galleries and dance like a crazy person for a few hours. 

I was able to push all my worries about my son and the changes we are facing to the back of my mind and just cut loose for a brief moment in time. 

Today, I feel renewed, refreshed and ready to take on the challenges my family is facing. 

Look for another blog on tips for planning a small getaway in the midst of chaos.

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