I always make sure I have some go-to toys on-hand to keep my daughter busy.

My top things to have with Jade are the following:

Books she can rip apart

One of my friends work for Avon so she gives me all the old books.

We have a whole stack of them and they don’t give her paper cuts.

But most magazines work. And it really keeps her busy.


Jade loves to have things in her hands that make noise. But sometimes she hits herself with them but think it is so funny.

Books she can't rip apart

The best to read with Jade are the ones that are hardback. The ones she can’t rip apart. When you ready to her, which is about never. She tries to grab the book and eat or tear it.


She is really stuck on Tigger from Winnie the Pooh at the moment. I bought her the Tigger Movie and she watches it about 4 -7 times a day. More if she has her way.

I think she loves him as he jumps around and is “the only one” The songs are also really nice.

I have tried to get her to watch The Heffalump Movie but she does not like it. She just wants Tigger.

Frozen is also a favorite. The music is really nice. I actually put the whole soundtrack on her Leap Pad as well.

When the movie starts she knows that the man is going to make a noise and braces herself for it. It’s really funny to watch her. Sometimes more entertaining than the movies.

Rio and Rio 2 is also good. The colors and all the music she loves. But it does not keep her attention for very long.

Soft toys

They are easier for her to grip and hold onto.

The softer the better. Jade has every Tigger I could find. Even one that is bigger than her.  

But take your child with you when you look for one. They will let you know which one they want.

What are your go-to toys?

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