There are millions of worthy causes around the world, but we all have our favourites for one reason or another.

At Firefly, our favourite charities are always the ones that support participation.

Special needs family participation is at the heart of what we do, helping kids with disabilities get involved in as many aspects of daily, family life as possible.

So when we discover a charity with similar goals, we always take a little shine to them.

We can’t name all of our favourites (there are just too many) but here’s the tip of the iceberg:

Council for Disabled Children
Participation is a key aspect of CDC’s work. They give disabled children and young people an active voice in the matters and decisions that affect them.

Action for Children
This UK-based charity is big on early intervention and social inclusion for disabled children, just like we are at Firefly

Special Olympics
As the biggest disability sports organisation in the world, the Special Olympics is a global icon of inclusion, participation and fulfilled potentials.

This is a charity Firefly work with regularly, and one of our favourite things about Cerebra is the ‘Cerebra Innovation Centre’, where they can design custom-made products for individual children when there’s nothing else suitable on the market.

Aidis Trust
One of the smaller charities on our list, Aidis Trust specialise in computer technology to help disabled people. In a rapidly-changing, digital world that’s pretty important and it’s pretty cool that they are helping prevent disabled people from being left behind.

Variety – the Children’s Charity
This American charity is really all about kids. The reason I like them so much is that their whole strategy is about inclusion, they see all kids as equals and try to help them regardless of their disability or social disadvantage.

KIDS is all about empowering disabled children and young people to develop their skills and abilities. They help children and their families overcome barriers in early years, school and transition into adulthood.

American Foundation for Disabled Children
Despite their name, AFDC have now expanded their services to help homeless, disadvantaged and sick children as well as those with disabilities, because they believe every child deserves a chance to take part in the positive experiences they make possible.

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