Early December we went for Bella’s 3rd round of Botox.

The procedure, although painful, is quick and we were in and out of the hospital within an hour. 

Bella has six injections in her legs and apart from some small bruising around where each needle went in there was no negative side effects (we even managed to get away with no flu symptoms this time!) 

Three days later, we went back to the hospital to go into plaster casts, both legs - toes to just below the knee. 

The main aim for this was to have Bella’s ankle at 90 degrees to help her keep her heel to the floor. 

The plaster casts were fine, she tolerated them well and apart from having to dangle her over the sink to wash her hair they didn’t cause too much stress!

While the casts were on we did notice that Bella’s exercises were becoming easier, the stretches were much easier to do and she seemed very comfortable doing them. 

We never get our hopes up too much with Botox as we haven’t had amazing results before, but as soon as the plaster casts were off the effects were amazing. 

Bella was standing independently for minutes at a time, with confidence and stability. 

A few days after Christmas she asked if she could walk to the sofa, I stood behind her and Daddy stood in front. 

She counted as she took steps 1,2,3,4... all the way up to 10. 

She’d only ever stepped once before this. 

Bella was so proud of herself and my husband and I were in floods of happy tears, even big brother Ollie was amazed. 

This carried on for 3 weeks, wonderful walking in the house. 

We had a few falls, and one even resulted in a trip to A&E as she bumped her head on a wooden floor and then was sick afterwards but she was fine and still wanted to walk the next day.

Unfortunately, over the past few weeks the effects of the Botox have began to wear off, as quickly as it started. 

Stretches are harder and she doesn’t feel comfortable trying to stand alone let alone try to walk. 

Despite the fact that we knew Botox wears off its still difficult to watch your child feel so confident and happy with themselves to then being unable to do any of it anymore and I think this would only get worse as she gets older. 

On the plus side she is walking very well holding someone’s hand and I can only hope that we manage to at least maintain this. 

I saw a world where Bella could walk, it was slow and clumpy but it just made it seem like the world would be so much easier for her.

But it’s gone, and so I am now wondering, despite all the wonderful days we had, whether the Botox is really worth it ?

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