The snow days have begun here in frosty Pennsylvania and I for one love it. 

Last week we were very blessed that my husband actually had the day off so we decided to take full advantage of the situation and show our kids what a day in the snow is like.  

We spent the morning making sure we had all of the proper equipment and snow day essentials: boots, gloves, hats, coats, sleds, layers upon layers of clothing and last but not least hot chocolate with marshmallows.  

We loaded up the car and headed out to my in laws house because they have some nice and easy hills in their back yard.  

Once we arrived I unbuckled my older son and started putting on all of his protection from the elements. 

Once he was fully prepared he dashed off to his Dad’s side to start out on his first sledding adventure. 

So I turned my attention to little Matthew because of his delay I knew he wouldn’t be participating in all activities but I planned on holding him in the sled and so on.  

I was able to get on his insulated pants and extra socks but once I tried to put on his gloves the struggle began.  

I didn’t realize how restricted he would feel with the waterproof gloves so after a few minutes of struggling I gave in and grabbed the knitted mittens which meant Matthew couldn’t stick his hands in the snow. 

Next was trying to put on his bulky winter jacket and that again just angered him.  

He screamed and yelled and after a few more minutes of struggling I gave in and realized this was just an experience Matthew would have to sit out for.  

I broke out his pack and play and set him up in the living room of his grandparents.  

I had a great time sliding, sledding and making snow angels with our other son but I cannot lie...

I was saddened by the fact that I couldn’t share this experience with Matthew.  

I have to respect his sensory issues though and just understand that he doesn’t like the confinement of the all of the extra clothing and because the temperature outside is freezing there is no way of getting around the fact that Matthew will not be a snow bunny this year.  

He can however enjoy the time we spend indoors on these cold winters’ days sipping hot chocolate and watching his Mother fail miserably at Super Mario Cart.

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