Dear other Special Needs Parent,

During the holiday season, I can be particularly emotional. 

If you see me staring at you when we are at the grocery store or park, it’s because I’m doing my best not to try and hug you. 

When I see your beautiful child in the special ultra cool wheel chair or stroller, I know what you went through to get it there.  

From the day your child was diagnosed with any disease or condition that was exact moment you became a fighter. 

The first battle was probably with the doctor’s office pleading for them to order tests, because you knew there was something different with your child. 

Not only did you and/or your spouse miss a ton of work and sleep to get your child to every doctor’s appointment and test but you probably had to fight for your insurance company to cover everything. 

So when I see the “special equipment”, I know you had to climb back into the ring and fight for your child. 

Friends and family might not ever understand what it’s like to be an advocate for your own child because they don’t have a voice of their own. 

You probably don’t have any or many friends with a special needs child so you keep the struggles all to yourself. 

I realize being a parent of any child isn’t an easy job but when your child has a disability the challenge is even greater. 

I can’t help but want to hug you so that you know you aren’t alone. 

There are other parents out there that know what the fight is all about. 

I also really just want to let you know that not only are you the ultimate fighter but obviously you have been victorious as well. 

So good job, and remember this Christmas we have a gift that keeps on giving: special children. 

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