Ever since we received Oliver's diagnosis, life has been a never ending show of doctor and therapy appointments. 

I will admit, this has left me showing up to them, shall I say... a little scary.

With some as early as eight in the morning, even some out of town, I don't always find the time to get myself ready. Most of my preparation includes getting Oliver all his supplies and records, with about ten minutes to hop in and out of the shower.

Even if I show up with wet hair and no makeup, at least we make it on time… usually.

One day, I caught glimpse of myself in those awful ceiling to floor mirrors and I knew I had to compromise, either do the makeup or the hair. For this blog, I will share my ten minutes or less routine for the makeup portion!

Now before I start, let me state the disclaimer that I am in no way shape or form one of those awesome ladies you see on YouTube with makeup tips and advice.

I pretty much pride myself in making sure the mascara stays on the eyelashes, and my neck and face are the same color!

This is just a basic, fresh look that conceals the dark clouds I have under my eyes with a pop of blush and sweep of mascara.

We can begin by listing everything I have to complete this look, as pictured above:

A generic eyelash curler ($2  at Walmart)

Ecotools blush and powder brushes (the set is $6.29 at Bed Bath & Beyond)

Sephora Ombre Obsession face palette (which I got on sale at Sephora)

Nivea chapstick

GreatLash Mascara ($4.49 at Walmart)

Physicians Formula Color Corrector powder ($7.19 at Target)

Japonesque foundation ($36 at Ulta)

Latex Free Jumbo wedges (you can find these for less than $4 at most cosmetic stores).

Latex free is a must in my household, as my son has a high risk allergy to it!

These wedges are great because they last a while, are disposable, and are much more sanitary than using my hands.

Understanding that this is a simple and quick “makeover” I use the foundation to conceal the dark circles under my eyes and any blemishes on my face. Using the wedge, dabbing the foundation in place rather than rubbing, helps prolong the usage and decreases your chance of wrinkles (for example under the eyes).

Next, I use the CC powder with the Ecotool powder brush to sweep some powder under my eyes for extra concealment, and in my T zone* to keep away the glare I can get from oily skin.

*The T zone is the area in between your eyes and above your eyebrows on both sides.

Once that is all set in, I dab a bit of Sephora blush using the Ecotool blush brush on both sides of my cheekbones to give my face some lively color! I am fair skinned, so this really helps me look alive during those early mornings.

Using the GreatLash mascara, I darken and lengthen my eyelashes and give them a curl once the mascara has dried.

A tad of chapstick (for extra savvy, try one with a hint of color to it) and I have transformed myself.

Ok, ok, I wouldn't say it's a transformation but I at least don't look like some vampire from Twilight.

Everything used here, besides the foundation because I wanted a good quality product that was able to mask my dark circles, is pretty much as frugal as I could get without losing quality.

You can substitute anything for your own preference, as this was as generic as possible; foundation, concealer, blush, mascara and chapstick or lip gloss.

All quick enough to do even in the car before you start your day!

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