If you would have talked to me last December about Matthew transitioning from in home therapy to a classroom based setting not only would I most likely have cried but I would have told you I was hesitant. 

For any Mom’s and Dad’s out there with a child in EI (Early Intervention) that will be turning 3 years old in the near future I am here to say “fear not”. 

Five months ago I was riddled with anxiety at the thought of putting him on a bus with strangers and sending him to a classroom with strangers but now I am cool as a cucumber.  

It turns out I may have been making things a little too comfortable for Matthew at home, but I find that hard to believe. 

(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Please refer to the 5th amendment of the United States Constitution!) 

Even though he is attending school only part time Monday through Wednesday, in the morning hours it is really impacting him. 

We just had our quarterly review and for once I wasn’t completely frustrated by the report.  

Though it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows because he has made no progress with verbal communication or signing there have been improvement in all other areas.  

The new team of physical and occupational therapists have been great.  

The teachers have been calling me every other week to keep in touch which is wonderful because I am not there to see his sessions.  

Even the bus assistant gives me reports on Matthew’s day and I love that they all know him by name and think that he is a cutie (because he is). 

Being around all of the other students has really encouraged him to want to stand, walk and play with everyone and it really shows. 

He now stands at table to play with toys, to try and do puzzles and so on.  

With the assistance of his PT he will take up to 20 steps forward at a time which is amazing.  

I think for me personally as his Mom the best part is that every day when I put him on that bus he smiles and claps so I know he is happy to be going to school.  

So don’t worry about facing the changes of your child’s therapy, rejoice in the opportunity for improvement.

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