We’ve been using the Upsee for over a year now. 

Charlie has done so well with her gait training, we’ve recently begun using it without the ‘shoe’ part. 

As her head control improves and her back and hips get stronger, we’re walking together more and more. 


rett syndrome intervention

The Upsee has given us the opportunity to offer Charlie a way to see the world from a standing position, but more than that – it’s given us the tools to help her develop skills towards eventual independent walking. 

She has learned to take appropriately sized steps, to look up rather than at her feet, to unlock her knees and swing her legs through freely, to lift her feet clear of the ground… the list goes on.

In June, her physiotherapist reviewed her progress and suggested we give a walker a go, to try to get some independent steps from her. 

Now, we’ve been down this track before. 

When Charlie first started supporting her own weight on her little legs, we got excited and tried a few different types of walkers.

It was a disaster. 

Charlie cried and tripped and fell and cried some more. 

This time, I took a little convincing. 

When we saw the ‘K-Walker’ (a fairly common, simple type of walking aid), I was sceptical at first. 

rett syndrome walk

Even when Charlie stood in it, sturdy and strong while we adjusted the height and fitted the belt, I wasn’t sure she’d be able to step out on her own. 

We signed a form to borrow the equipment for a three-month trial and left with it in the boot of the car.

There it sat for the first few days, folded and forlorn in the corner. 

After dinner and bath-time on the third day, Charlie was a in a particularly good and happy mood, and we decided to give it a try. 

Michael grabbed the video camera, and I stood behind Charlie, ready to intervene if necessary. 

I placed my hands on top of hers and gave her a gentle nudge to get her moving. 

If you watch the video, you’ll be able to hear my excitement as I reached a pitch only dogs can hear while counting her steps…one, two, three… all the way to TWELVE!  Yes, TWELVE!!!!

My beautiful baby girl, four years old, took twelve of the most amazing first steps we’d ever seen. 

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

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