Danney Maley got in touch with us to tell us about his boys and the difference the Upsee is making for them.

Charlie was born at 26 weeks on the 3rd July 2011 weighing 1lb 6oz along with his brother George who weighed 1lb and his identical brother Harry who weighed 1lb 11oz. (Sadly Harry passed away at 5 weeks old)

From being a few days old we were aware that Charlie suffered brain damage that had occurred from twin to twin whilst in utero.

However, the medical professionals could not say whether Charlie would have cerebral palsy, but believing it was more than likely he would be blind, which thankfully turned out not to ber the case.

But while George was hitting his physical milestones, Charlie was not. 

After 2 years of fighting to get a physiotherapist, community paediatrician and occupational therapist, we finally had Charlie's formal diagnosis of spastic dysplasia.

We were informed that the likely hood of Charlie being able to walk is very slim, however with the use of the Upsee and private Bowen therapy Charlie's physical development is improving. 

His walking pattern has greatly improved with his frame and he is making big steps without scissoring. His balance and strength in his core is improving and the confidence he has now is a delight to see. 

He loves to have a new perspective on the world, being up right brings a huge smile to his face. 

His interaction skills with his brother George is lovely to see, from walking hand in hand, hugging each other and kicking the ball to each other. 

You can find out more about us at: www.hlmtrust.org.uk 

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