Having a child with CP can bring a lot of expenses. Medical Aid in South Africa does not cover most things and the government hospitals are no good. 

Our physiotherapist does a lot of work shops with the CP kids in the rural areas.

They come from far to see her. She gives them advice to help them at home. 

They see a physiotherapist once a month and never the same one. This is what the government give them for free. 

They can’t even feed their kids in the proper way.

They carry them on their backs like small children but they are over the age of 10.

There are so many things on the market these days and you don’t know what do get where. What is good for your child and what is not?

Our physiotherapist is my go-to lady.

She always knows where to go and what to do.

Even on the emotional level. She has been through this with so many other parents she is a pro by now.

We bought Jade an Upsee and that is the best investment we have made. She loves it and it has really helped with her head control and putting weight on her legs.

We still have to get the GoTo seat for her but at the moment we can manage without it.

If you have a pram for your child a simple sponge cut to the right size can hold your child up in the right position.

Or an eating chair can also be converted. Instead of paying a lot of money for something that can be made.

Even the bath rings can be converted. My husband is very handy when it comes to things like that.

I found the highest back bath ring and then my husband took her Bumbo (which she never used) and cut it in half to use for a better back rest. It works like a bomb.

I went to get an anti-slip matt and there is a converted bath seat for a CP that can’t keep herself up.

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