One of the most frequently asked questions we get about the Upsee is whether it will improve a child’s head control.

First off, we have (as yet) no clinical research evidence that this is the case, so we are unable to say with 100% certainty that the Upsee improves head control. However, we do have lots of anecdotal evidence from parents who feel their child’s head control has improved.

So what do these parents mean by improved head control? The children holding their heads up for longer before flopping forward or to the side? Better eye contact? More sustained interaction with their siblings, friends, family, pets, surroundings etc?

Maybe some of these things. Maybe all of them.

What do parents say?

Stacy Warden, uses the Upsee with her son, Noah, and sees him making clear progress. “We have noticed significant improvement with head control while using the Upsee.” Stacy said, “Noah likes to lift his head up to see where he is traveling and likes to look side to side to see what is around him in his environment.”

Emmy’s mum, Dawn Hamilton, also told us all about her experience. “Emmy’s head control has definitely improved since using the Upsee, most noticeably, it has motivated to pick her head up and keep it up.  In fact, she holds her head up best when in the Upsee.

When Debby Elnatan first introduced us to her Upsee concept in 2012, one of the things she emphasised was the increased motivation seen in the children who used her prototype. They wanted to move, experience and participate. We too have seen this over and over again.

More reports every day

Just today we got a report about a little girl who had tried out the Upsee for the first time. She wasn’t able to weight-bear, but lifted her head and laughed, something she had never done in regular therapy sessions. While it’s only a small step, it shows that she has the potential to improve her head control further.

Of course, every child’s ability to make progress is different, but there’s evidence that children have “windows of learning” for each new skill during which progression can be maximised (whatever that may mean for each individual). Therefore, when motivating and fun opportunities for learning and development are provided regularly, it offers the greatest possibility for progression to occur.

So, does the Upsee improve head control? While the formal research is ongoing, we still can’t say for sure, but we can be sure of one thing – unless there are specific reasons not to use the Upsee, children will benefit from the opportunities it provides.

 Let us know your experiences

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