Around a month ago, I started a Change petition, asking UK supermarkets to provide or manufacturer larger nappies for children with additional support needs. 

The reason? Our awesome son Brody is 4 years old, disabled and doubly incontinent. To date, we don’t receive nappies from the continence service, although thankfully he has been referred.

Supermarket sizes are too small for him and specialist online nappies have that over-priced special needs price tag that we’re sadly all way too familiar with!

Over 10,000 people have signed the petition to date. If this is you, a heartfelt thank you. I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received from everyone.

That’s a lot of people who agree that there is a demand for this. But is it enough? I don’t know.

Disappointingly, the supermarkets haven’t really responded yet. What am I going to do? Shout louder! Nothing worth having comes easy.

It’s Saturday night, the kids are in bed and I’m emailing parent and carer forums around the UK trying to spread the word. I know there are more families in this situation. I will try my hardest to win this battle together with everyone’s help and support.

I’m continually reminded when charities/organisations mention the petition by a select few (most of whom don’t appear to read the petition *face palm*) of three things; the continence service, pull ups and cloth nappies.

I feel like a broken record, but the continence service varies massively and the more I speak to others, the more apparent this is.

For example, I’ve heard from families who have children with ASD who aren’t entitled, families who are only entitled to 2 nappies a day and families who are not eligible for the service until their children are 6/7/8 years old.

A lady called Laura Marie told me that her child has severe chronic constipation, requiring medication and at least 10 nappies daily. She is not yet entitled to any help from the NHS.

I have to remind - (mostly) well intended people - that Pull Ups are (in comparison to nappies) expensive in terms of the number of nappies in a packet. People also find them less absorbent and so they are far from ideal for incontinent children.

Cloth nappies may be suitable for some; however, sadly not everyone. This isn’t a best fit solution if your child has bowel problems and repeatedly needs changed or is in school.

Of course, there have been a few people - who funnily enough don’t face this situation - that feel the need to find an argument. Unbelievably, one person told me that this will encourage lazy parenting and obese children!

Ignorance is bliss – a good example of why us parents have – or at least try to have – thick skin.

I really believe together we can make a difference. We’re such a large, amazing (if I do say so myself!) community and hey, we’re used to fighting battles!

Let’s win this one together.

Please spread the word and maybe we can make a difference. If you agree, please help me. Share the petition, tweet the petition and most importantly - sign the petition!

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