Fall…it’s a refreshing time of year marked by a dramatic cool down here in Midwest of the United States.  I personally love fall and the cozy wardrobe it brings.   

You can start by adding a sweatshirt or warm vest to your child’s outfit just as the temperature starts to change, especially in the evening. 

For some of you (lucky) that’s as cold is it gets.  Here in the upper Midwest it gets cold.  I mean COLD. 

We will be adding vests, scarves, hats, gloves, snow pants, boots, thick coats, and two pair of socks the closer we draw to December.  As fall turns to winter it’s time to bundle up, so here are some budget friendly options for children to keep them fashionably comfy. 

Each of the items below rings in at less than $40!  Because let’s be honest…..the kids are either going to outgrow it or ruin it, so reasonably priced is key.

For boy's clothing, visit Bundle Up Boys


Quilted Jacket

Detachable fur hood, fleece lining, 4-14 yrs old

$35.90 at Zara





Faux Fur Vest

Toggle front, 4-14 yrs old 

$35.90 at Zara




Hooded Sweatshirt

Hooded with pouch pocket, cute color, 5-14 yrs old

$22.90 at Zara






Cardigan with Faux Fur Hood

Toggle front, 5-14 yrs old, two colors

$39.90 at Zara




Chelsea Ankle Boots

Cute edging detail, many sizes, two colors

$39.90 at Zara




Frost free Vest

Zip front, pockets, 12 months-5T

$15 on sale at Old Navy






Dot Print Dress Coat

Button front, adorable design, sizes 2T-6x

$29.99 at Target





Plaid Toggle Coat

Hooded, toggle front,  2T-6x

$29.99 at Target


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