There have been rumours circulating about something called ‘summer’.

We’re not sure what it is exactly, but apparently the big grey roof is briefly removed and there’s a fire in the sky or something.

It’s expected sometime soon, but only lasts approximately 36 hours, so we need to get organised.

We wanted to investigate the most accessible holidays and attractions around the UK, but we’re not allowed to go outside because there are too many Upsees that need to be shipped.

So we pulled together some good lists and resources for when you’re planning trips or days-out that need special needs family participation as a top priority.

From the experts
Firefly Power Mama, Stacie Lewis, flagged up this infographic from Vitalise on her blog recently. Check out Stacie’s post and find out more about Vitalise here.

The Top 10

According to Cool Places

The Award Winners
The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain named several attractions they believed to be the most disability-friendly in the UK. Check out the winners.

The Specialists

Holidays For All

Tourism For All

Open Britain

Disabled Holidays

In the News

Travelling with Disabilities

Where are the most (and least) disability –friendly places you’ve visited?

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If a venue improved its changing facilities, would you be more likely to visit it with your disabled child?