​So it’s the 10th December and I still haven’t bought Daniel his Christmas present. I’m starting to feel a slight sense of panic… Today’s blog post is from Claire, very badly organised mum to Daniel.

If like me you’re not very organised you might find the following suggestions helpful from some Firefly Garden members. I would like to add that Daniel has a December Birthday to complicate the present buying decisions… I’ll be checking out the following sites and hoping that I’m still in time for Christmas delivery!

1. Adaptive Tech Solutions

2. Ablenet

3. Fat Brain Toys

4. Blossom for Children (Doesn’t ship to USA)

5. Special Needs Toys (Also known as TFH) If you’re in the USA one member suggested this as a good site http://www.specialneedstoys.com/usa/.

I’m also planning to have a look at at Santa’s Little Hackers who help with switch adapting mainstream toys. I’ll also be requesting an add to this Facebook group so I don’t leave myself in this predicament for Christmas 2015 - A Very Special Needs Christmas

Finally, an idea I hadn’t thought of is an aquarium! I agree this would be an amazing sensory addition to our house - I’m just trying to think of the logistics of how Santa could get an aquarium into the house on Christmas eve! If there are any fantastic sites you’d like to share join the Firefly Garden today and add your suggestion to this thread.

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