I despair of the NHS. I really, truly do. Not the Doctors and nurses but the Administration system! I have never known such utter chaos!

After an eventful afternoon chasing an admission for the smallest Voisey and being bounced from pillar to post, it would appear that no-one has actually booked it in.


So, the admission discussed months ago to allow two investigations to proceed during the same inpatient stay is now in jeopardy.

Because although one department acted on the referral immediately (an appointment through within days), the second department (which requires the five day stay) has done nothing. De nada. Bog all. Nothing.

The admission should be in four weeks’ time.

However because of the usual mess up in communication, it hasn’t been booked in and the earliest they can now do is September!

I am quite sure the sound of my skull being slowly and repeatedly beaten against the desk/wall is a sound currently being heard across the country, as countless SN parents and carers do battle against the tide of treacle that is finding out information from professionals.

It is not an unusual situation to be in: chasing down appointments, checking why appointments have been cancelled and rearranged then cancelled and rearranged again!

And constantly trying to find out whether certain equipment/aids have come in yet or not.

I am, in effect, my son’s personal assistant/secretary.

I adore his school because I am always kept in the loop, his school-home diary is a Godsend.

But medical stuff... different matter.

No-one ever seems to know who should’ve done something, or why it hasn’t been done.

Often it’s a case of the three Bodies; everybody knew the job had to be done but assumed somebody would do it, in the end nobody did it.

For many of us, communication is an area of development we work hard to improve, I think some others could do with learning a thing or two about this!

I give you a second example – feed and feeding consumables being ordered…

We are called to ask what day/date we would like our supplies delivered, we give a day/date which is agreed upon.

The supplies will be delivered. But I can guarantee not on the date you agreed.

This is ok for us now that Sam’s Daddy has quit work to be a full-time carer and house husband (it’s not as great as it sounds girls, trust me).

But before, we frequently had the little ‘sorry we missed you’ cards through the door, often accompanied by a sigh of resignation from Yours Truly as another work day had been booked off needlessly.

In sheer exasperation I ended up calling the company in question to request that they left the supplies in a safe place. 

We have a porch where supplies can be safely left, and as we’re off the beaten track it’s not likely they’ll be taken by anyone.

Who would want boxes of flexitainers, anyway?!

All they had to do was take off the 'To Be Signed For' sticker on the boxes and the problem was solved.

Although last time the delivery arrived they filled the porch meaning we could no longer access our front door!

I really do wonder how humans became the dominant species on the planet sometimes.

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