One thing I found beneficial, before Oliver was even born, was support groups. 

Just a safe place I could go to whenever I needed to ask serious or even silly questions regarding my son, and his diagnosis of spina bifida.

Through this site, I found the list (which I previously blogged about) regarding a latex allergy and foods that carried the same proteins as latex. 

This list had fruits, veggies and other food products that could possibly pose the same risk for children or adults with a latex allergy. 

About a week ago, I once again turned to this group to ask a question. 

My son, before we found the list stated above, had tried: avocados, strawberries, apples, pears and pretty much all the basic fruits and vegetables you go through when introducing solids. 

To my surprise, most of these were listed as containing (from a high to low risk) the latex proteins.  

Now, just to point out, most families are told to avoid latex as a precaution. 

Our children, for whatever reason besides having surgery and being exposed early on, have a higher risk with latex and spina bifida. 

Some may not even have the allergy, but every exposure could pose a higher risk to developing it. 

Thus, we avoid latex exposure. 

When I saw this list, I was surprised to see such common foods like pears and apples on it. 

Food that Oliver loved to eat, and never once showed a reaction to! 

All but one fruit...bananas. (As I type that, I cant help but hear little minion voices say it. “Ba-na-naaas”) 

Anyhow, back to the bananas! 

For some strange reason, I had this fear of them. 

They were on the high risk section, but so were avocados. 

It was a tough one to avoid, since bananas are in pretty much everything snack and food wise for babies. 

So I took to the group to ask if anyone had successfully tried bananas with their little ones and not had any reaction. 

Some avoided it because they are constipation's worst enemy, and some children loved eating them with no reaction! 

I even had some ask me what harm would it pose my son to never try bananas, and I would not have to worry about him having a reaction or not. . . I had replied to this, stating that when we even go about trying new food with our children, we never know if they will have an allergy or not. 

Most parents don't go about avoiding peanut products, even tho they know its one of the most popular food allergies. 

Trial and error. 

We go about our day, trying one food for a week and keeping an eye out for a reaction before moving on to the next. 

So why was I making such a big deal with Oliver? 

It was then that I realized, I was debilitating my son more than his disability was! 

I had to let that sink in, because it hit pretty hard. 

Here I was, with all this wonderful information supplied to me about risks, and using them to shield my son from the world. 

I wanted to protect and cradle him from all harms way. 

But I was doing worse, by shielding him away from things we all had to experience in life. 

I am allergic to aspirin and bee stings, all in which I found out by taking and being stung. 

I did not want to go about life avoiding bananas and everything that could possibly contain them, because he “might” have an allergy. 

So we took the knowledge we had, and tried bananas! 

One container later, all I had was one happy baby. 

No reaction. 

No scare. 

Through this experience, I have just learned to keep all this extra information in a safe “need to know” basis. 

I no longer go about shielding my son from every little thing like foods, but I am right by his side as he takes the necessary bumps on this road we call life. 

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