We have had some bad news recently.

We have found out that both Oscar’s hips are dislocated and he is going to require major surgery sometime in the next few years.

Although, we were partly expecting this to be the case, it didn’t make the diagnosis any easier. 

If you have read any of my previous blogs, you will know that the thought of my child having to have any form of surgery fills me with dread. 

As I know it does for any parent. 

Even though Oscar will not be having the surgery done yet, the consultant explained what would happen and to me it sounded horrific. 

Then Oscar will have to be in a hip spica cast for 3 weeks after. 

Then there is the physiotherapy and hydrotherapy that will need doing when he no longer has his cast. 

During this period, I think he is going to be a very unhappy boy and mummy and daddy are not going to be very popular with him. 

We had a few days were we just tried to let the news sink in (which it hasn’t fully) and told family and friends. 

One of the people I told was my neighbour who had popped round with a parcel that wasn’t actually for us. 

His reaction to the news was not what I was expecting. 

‘If you don’t mind, we have a prayer tree at church, could I please put Oscar’s name on it and we will think of him in our prayers?’ he said. 

Although, I am not particularly religious, other people are and I respect their beliefs. 

My neighbour wanted to do something for Oscar to feel like he could help and the thing he felt he could do was pray. 

I thought that this was a lovely gesture. 

A couple of days later our lovely neighbour came round to tell me that Oscar’s name was now on the prayer tree at church. 

He said, ‘I told the vicar, what about his parent’s they need support too? So, your names are on the prayer tree now too.’ 

All I could do was thank him. 

Because, he is right. 

We all need some support sometimes, in whatever, shape or form.

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