With Spring, comes good weather along with a brand new start to all the holiday celebrations! 

As we all know, Easter is among one of those celebrations that the kids definitely love to celebrate.

Family gatherings, delicious meals to be shared with our families, prayer and religious celebration, and of course colorful eggs to be hidden and found by excited children.

Last year was our first to experience an “all inclusive” Easter egg hunt with Oliver and his friends and family.

If you have not heard of this, it is where they (for our area, it is our No Limitations group) set up different stations for children and their siblings of any and all disabilities to have the change to experience an egg hunt.

When Oliver was a year old, we had trouble with our first egg hunt, because he did not have his wheelchair then, and it was hard having him crawl around in the grass outside getting eggs before anyone else.

Last year, "No Limitations" set up tables with fake grass on it, plants and flowers, and eggs hidden all around the plants and grass.

This was to simulate real grass on the ground to give kiddos in wheelchairs the same feeling of finding those goodies.

They even had a crawl area for crawlers and young ones like siblings, to head out and find eggs without battling the big kids.

It was such a fun event to see kids and siblings being included all together on a family holiday.

This year we hope they set up the same kind of event, in which we definitely will be attending.

When holidays and certain events suddenly have to take on changes to include everyone, it is hard to come up with ideas like these on your own.

But, having families and support from all over, all disabilities, without limitations, we are heard as one voice to approach the situation from any and all angles.

How are you celebrating Easter this year?

If you would like to share fun ways you include everybody, please leave a comment below!


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