Consider this a public service announcement from Firefly!

If you live in, near, or a reasonable travelling time away from Bury we’ve heard about an event for you!

Sunday the 2nd July 2017 will see a free, fully accessible festival for children and adults with disabilities and their families.

Yes folks, you read that correctly. Free, amazing. Fully accessible, are you kidding?

We are not joking, a fully accessible festival for you and your family. Does it get better?! Yes, yes it does.

There will be music from live bands, two different stages to find something to suit your fancy; there will also be Music for Confidence and a silent disco! Dust off your dancing shoes!

There will also be oodles of super fun activities on the day as well. Activities that the entire family can take part in!

Are you excited yet?? Hold on to your hats because it only gets better!

There will be Jump Space rebound, an accessible climbing wall (!!!), Wheels 4 All, archery, face painting, crafts, a sensory tent and massage therapy.

Stop right there, I can tell what you’re thinking! That this can’t be as amazing as it sounds? There has to be a trick or something? Am I close, along the right lines?

Well you’re wrong, no tricks, just an amazing day out for the entire family.

Everybody, no matter their abilities. How great is this?! Can it get any better?

Maybe just a tiny, little bit. There will also be food vendors there to enhance the festival feeling… and a bar for the grown ups too!

Wait. There was one more thing. I can tell some of you are thinking it: would it be worth the journey to have to leave because of a toilet changing emergency. Worry not!

There is also going to be accessible toilet and changing facilities with a tracking hoist, from Mobiloo.

You’re excited, we’re all excited! How amazing does this sound?! Hunting for that perfect family activity for the end of school? Look no further!

You’re begging for the details, okay okay, here we are.

To make the most of this weekend, visit the Bury Athletics Track, Market Street, Bury BL9 9FX between 1PM – 6PM

Now, what are you all waiting for? Check out the event, follow @AccessibleFest on Twitter, find the Accessible Festival 2017 page on Facebook.

Tell your family, tell your friends!

Take plenty of pictures of all of the festivities!

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