On Monday we posted ‘Did She really say that? Comments that Enrage Parents of Special Needs Kids

The response from all you mums and dads was great, you added some really interesting comments below the post.

But one of the comments was from a mother, Sarah, who doesn’t have a child with special needs. Sarah appreciated the advice about what she shouldn’t say, but she was looking for advice on what she should say. She wanted to make connect with people whose kids had special needs rather than avoid them to avoid awkwardness or offending them.

That’s a problem for lots of people who have no experience of disability – they want to make a connection but are too scared of putting their foot in their mouth.

Here’s Sarah’s question. Let’s help her out by replying in the comments section below.

“I do not have a special needs child, so I don't know what the parents go through on a daily basis.  My sister is a special ed teacher and I have 3 special needs children in my extended family that I am close with.  What should I say when I meet a mother at the park,  school,  etc., and I want to let her know that her child is beautiful,  and I know her life is more difficult than I could imagine but she's doing a great job because she is raising happy, caring children? Should I just keep my mouth shut to avoid stumbling over my own well intentioned words?  Seeking some genuine advice here. Thanks Moms and Dads.”

So lets hear your advice. Add your comments below…

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