I'll be honest with you, I've never really put much thought into celebrating Valentine's Day before.

Handing each of my kids a small heart shaped box filled with chocolate candies and telling them I love them has been the extent of our Valentine's Day celebrations so far.

However, since it's a New Year's goal of mine to enjoy and celebrate life more, I've decided to put a little more effort into celebrating Valentine's Day this year!

My special needs daughter, Bethany loves to party!

But she thinks parties are just for getting presents!

Even though, I'm sure a few presents will be exchanged on February 14th I want to emphasize the LOVE part of Valentine's Day more than just the giving and getting of presents!

Bethany tells everyone she loves them all the time, but I'm not really sure she understands what love is!

Abstract concepts like love are hard for me to explain and hard for her to understand!

She needs visuals!!

I'm hoping I can find a few Valentine's Day picture books at the library to help with that!

When the big day arrives, I'll read the books to her and tell her that Valentine's Day is a special day that we celebrate love.

Then I'll give her a big hug and tell her I love her!

Next, I'll explain that hearts are the symbol of love.

I hope she'll enjoy using the special craft supplies I'll be getting her to create beautiful Valentine cards for all the people she loves!

Maybe I'll even take her along with me when I go shopping for the craft supplies!

That way she can pick out all the doilies, stickers and other pretty little doodads that she wants to create very special and very personalized Valentine's Day cards!

I really want to go all out this year with decorating the house, too!

So we'll be checking out the dollar store for banners, balloons, and lots of red and pink hearts to decorate with!

I plan to make and decorate either cookies or a heart shaped cake for our Valentine's Day party and I'm hoping Bethany will want to help with that!

I think perhaps, we should also play a few Valentine's Day games like Pin the Heart on Cupid, Stack the Candy Hearts, and Find the Hidden Heart, to help us get into the spirit of the holiday!

And of course, last but not least, I'll give Bethany a little heart shaped box filled with an assortment of sweet and delicious chocolate candies!

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