In our family it is well known that at least one parental unit will ask my husband and I for a list of items we want for Christmas. 

Believe me I understand we are blessed enough to receive these gifts so we should not feel tasked about writing this list. 


We are never going to request anything lavish or extreme so we allow them to stick with same gifts year after year.

On Christmas we will get socks and pajamas that will last us until we get new ones in 365 days.

If I could make a Extreme Wish List for Saint Nick though I know what I would ask for: 

1. It would be just awesome for my son to finally receive his gait trainer we submitted for so many months ago. 

It's bright green, his Dad’s favorite, and I know it will just melt his heart to see Matthew in it.

2. Another wish for Matthew is that he can have a good connection with his team of therapists as he moves into the next part of his journey to pure awesomeness. 

We all know with a little help from a great team he will make great strides in the next year.  

3. Plus this is for Santa Claus so maybe a cool tablet that kids like Buddy can use to learn while he wears those sticky eye patches he does not care for. 

4. Because Matthew isn’t selfish he wouldn’t mind asking for the rest of the Paw Patrol crew that no one can find for his brother Casey. 

5. A doggie bed for Brutus that actual fits larges dogs because we cannot find one big enough for him to stretch out on here in North America. 

And if we are going extreme here you know the saying “go big or go home”...

6. How about a winning lottery ticket?

Nothing extreme, we like our low-key lifestyle. 

Just bigger, safer house with a big fenced-in yard and a dishwasher for Mommy. 

We promise that we’ve been good in general this year, honest. 

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