Prematurity is a long, tough road.

Kind of contradictory, considering being premature means the 9-month road is actually cut short.

The hospital stay is no doubt the roughest period.

15 months later and we are here battling developmental delays and food.

Oliver did not have issues with reflux or taking a bottle.

In fact, I am having the hardest time trying to get him off the bottle and moving on to a sippy cup!

Our problem is solids.

The stage one, two and three of baby food is too thin for him now, and just not fulfilling his appetite.

We have tried table food with him, little bits and pieces here and there, and he does great.

Our issue this week happens to be texture.

One day we loved ravioli, the next he decided he did not like how it felt and refused to eat it.

Thus, I have started making my own food for him, with some help from stage three baby food.

Stage three baby food of brands like Gerber were great for Oliver with the little chunks of food and such, but they just were not enough to keep him full until the next feeding.

I also wanted to incorporate real nutritious, healthy food into his diet.

I did not want him to just think food would always be this mushy, bland food.

Luckily, Aaron had given me a baby food maker for Christmas!

I will share one of the many recipes I have come up with, and of course I always welcome comments and tips from you all!

For the steamer, I chopped up pear and avocados.

I blended the two, making a thin consistency.

One tip I suggest, is to always taste test what your feeding your baby!

I once made a recipe, consisting of raspberries and apples.

After his puckered face, I tried it and realized it was way too tart for him.

The thin consistency helps him better transition into slowly leaving the baby food without going cold turkey.

Oliver loves apples, so I chopped steamed apples into small chunks for that texture and “table food” feel.

Steaming the fruit or vegetables before adding them to the thin food helps it be mushy enough for the little ones to chew.

After all, they are not chewing with a full mouth of teeth here.

Oliver only has 4 front teeth right now! In the meantime it really helps to have your child just play with the food.

It is a mess, and I usually do it on bath days, but so worth it!

Most of the things your child plays with are soft, fuzzy and such textures that you find in toys.

Not mushy, wet, baby food.

Setting up different snacks for sensory activities are both fun and educational.

Plus, everyone gets a little snack!

I know the recipe seems very simple, but we have found it very beneficial into slowly making that transition into real table food.

If you have a recipe you would love to share, please comment below with it!   

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