Oliver is now three years old, and we have been blessed to only have follow up/ regular check up visits every six months or even once a year. 

One of those once a year visits is a urodyanamics test.

Because Oliver was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder (which means his bladder just isn’t wired correctly to the nerves and such) we have to test once a year to see how well his bladder is doing as well as his kidneys.

Oliver is currently and indefinitely being cathed every three hours to help empty his bladder.

Almost two years ago, we experienced one really bad urinary tract infection and that ultimately led us to this path.

Because his nerves are ‘off’ so to speak, he experiences bladder contractions or spasms in which he leaks urine.

In order to try and successfully potty train him into underwear, we are prescribed medicine to help relax the bladder and thus prevent these spams as best we can.

Keeping him dry in between caths is our goal!

This visit, they filled up his bladder with a saline type liquid and took X-rays to see when he was completely full.

They do this to see how much urine he's holding when full, and also to see the bladder muscle and make sure it stays smooth on the outside. When Oliver’s bladder is full, they also test what happens next.

With leads measuring the contractions, they can test how much pressure the bladder can hold before contracting and leaking urine.

Oliver had many more contractions than last visit, but we had also stopped giving the medication for side effect issues.

The bad news, his right kidney was still experiencing reflux ( in which the urine flows back up into the kidney).

If this continues, he will develop scaring on the kidney, which we do not want.

To prevent this before it happens, which we have no idea when it could, the doctor recommended two procedures.

If we did not want to continues on the medicine in which he experiences side effects such as over heating, and cognitive effects, we could inject botox into the bladder which would help it relax and help the spasms.

The other procedure would be to inject a medication near his right kidney tubule to help prevent urine from back flowing.

Both procedures require anaesthesia and are no guarantee to anything.

So here we are, once again, stuck with making the hard choice to wait or put him under for another procedure.

It is so tough when you're told to make the right decision we see fit for him, when neither option feels like such.

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