As we all settle into the new season, welcoming the new weather is brings, we all like to celebrate in many different ways. 

Whether it be with the much desired pumpkin spice lattes or putting up our fall decorations around the house, we all celebrate in one way or another.

Here in the Hinkley household, I love welcoming the chilly weather with some beef vegetable soup! A much needed recipe in all households, in my opinion.

It is so easy to do, and can be left alone to soak up all the flavors and develop into a flavorful soup sure to keep you warm inside!

Now the recipe I use does yield a good amount for everyone to enjoy and still have leftovers to reheat later in the week. 

I use all ingredients in my large soup pot, which has a lid to cover over the soup while it simmers away.

To begin, I pour two 32. Fluid ounce beef stock packages into the soup pot. Set the temperature on medium high, to begin that simmer as we slowly add the beef and vegetables.

The beef is what you want to start on next, as it takes the longest to cook and tenderize in the liquid. I use chuck roast and I salt each side of the meat generously.

You can surely substitute chuck roast for a leaner meat if you'd like, or even leave it out entirely. Make sure the meat sits out for a couple minutes to come closer to room temperature.

While it is doing this, I have a pan coming to heat so that I can simmer the sides of the roast. Once the pan has heated up, you want to lay the chuck roast on one side and sear it for about 3-4 minutes.

Continue this for each side of the roast, getting the tops and bottoms of it as well. This will lock in all the juices!

With the heat off, leave the roast to cool off a bit before we come back to cut it up.

(You can also skip a step and cut the meat up raw, before you have seared it, and just spend a few more minutes searing up the little cubes of roast).

For our soup, we like to add corn, celery, cilantro, golden potatoes, cabbage, carrots and onions. There is nothing special but cutting up each vegetable into bite size portions and adding it to the soup.

I like to cut the onions in rings instead of cubing, because they soften up and are easy to eat.

Once everything has been added, I simmer the soup for a couple of hours to let all the vegetables and roast add each of their flavors into the stock.

A little twist, I love adding a splash of fresh lime juice to my soup!

So flavorful and a sure hit with the whole family. 

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