Firefly presents the next in our series of posts dedicated to fab fathers!

Christopher Craig is dad to five-year-old Cameron Armstrong Craig (known as Cammy). Cammy has microcephaly, cerebral palsy, a global developmental delay, and dislocated hips. He is non-verbal and does not walk or crawl.

The family live in Canada, and here, Christopher shares with us a typical day of fatherhood:

Cammy has a lot of spasticity in his upper limbs. He is learning to communicate through sounds and gestures and developing some motor control of his arms and hands. He has several severe allergies, cannot chew and requires blended foods.

My day starts early, likely with a pot of coffee and a check-in with my wife. Our son can have problems sleeping and we occasionally still have a rough night.

Breakfast has to be made for everyone, including Cammy’s special blend. He has many allergies, so everyone gets a separate breakfast – be careful to not cross-contaminate!

I go to work, and leave as early as possible (I work flex-hours) in order to get home to prepare supper. Once again, we have a number of people with allergies, so dinner needs to be nutritious, quick, and carefully crafted.

Supper, and homework for older brother Finnegan. When he was in Kindergarten he was asked to draw and present his family to the class. One girl asked Finn why his brother was not yet walking. Finn calmly explained that ‘his brain doesn’t communicate properly with his muscles’….I love kids.

Next, a review of Cammy’s day (his detailed reports from the school and therapeutic team are required nightly reading), walk the dog, baths and bed.

Cammy is in a specialized wheelchair which converts to a system for the house…which is often covered in paint, or rice, or buttons by the end of the school day. Laundry is a must.

If Cammy manages to fall asleep (with the help of his melatonin), my wife and I share a few minutes of quiet…and perhaps a glass of wine.”

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