I know I have mentioned in previous blogs that my son Matthew is a “chewer” and because of his habit we have had to overcome several small obstacles. 

I think for me the one of the most frustrating ramifications of his chewing was when I would brush his teeth. 

I am not sure how it is in the rest of the world but here in America when you take your child to the dentist we often get critical comments because we are in charge of brushing our children’s teeth until they are at least five.

This is because children do not have the dexterity to reach all of the top and back teeth. 

So when we took Matthew to the dentist this year, I was relieved how empathetic he was to my situation. 

As soon as I would begin brushing Matthew’s teeth he would bite down on the toothbrush and not let go.

I would do my best to gingerly work the toothbrush out from his clamped jaw but eventually I would worry about hurting his teeth and I would give up in defeat. 

The dentist actually gave me some useful information that helped me eventually figure out the technique I not use daily for Matthew. 

He suggested we use a tandem technique where one person holds Matthew’s body across their lap and the second person cradles his head in their lap with his face looking towards the other person. 

This way the person with his head in their lap can brush his teeth from an above angle and essentially reach the hard places. 

With my husband’s busy work schedule he is seldom available to help me with the teeth brushing so I had to attempt this as a solo mission. 

I lay Matthew down on the floor facing away from me; I will put my legs over his arms without pinning him down or harming him. 

This angle really did help me to reach all of his teeth but did not curb his desire to bite the toothbrush.  Then one day it hit me, what if I used two toothbrushes?

Once he bites down the first toothbrush he is creating a gap in between the upper and lower teeth so I can sneak in there with the other tooth brush and finish the job. 

Hallelujah! it actually works, and I can reach all of those tiny teeth while he is contently chewing away on a toothbrush.

Now if I could only get him to stop eating his shirts it would be amazing.

Until then I will be satisfied with each little bump in the road that we overcome. 

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