Holiday shopping is always a gamble when it comes to finding the right gifts for your loved ones. Take out some of the guess work of finding the best toys for your child with special needs by shopping with these sites.

Fat Brain Toys

This site offers a comprehensive and categorized list of developmentally appropriate toys just for children with special needs. Parents and loved ones can browse and purchase the best toys for their child’s needs as well as learn how the toys will help their development.


Ability Station

This site provides therapist-approved toys for special needs children’s growth and development, as well as fun.


Firefly Friends

This list wouldn't be complete without adding Firefly. They have only been up and running one year but they are producing some of the most exciting toys and equipment around. The products are all about participation, so includes lots of cool things that help kids take part in daily life and make sure nobody misses out. Some of the products also have therapeutic benefits too, so they are well worth a look.


Different Roads to Learning

On this site, founded in 1995 by a mother of a child with autism, DFTL offers more than 500 products chosen to support children and people on the autism spectrum. Find everything from books to flashcards to support your child’s growth.


eSpecial Needs

This site offers everything from large building blocks and bungee jumpers to sand and water activities.


Fun and Function

This company designs sensory processing toys and therapy equipment for people with special needs to develop adaptive responses for their wants and needs. The site also offers great recommendations for people looking for gifts for children with special needs.


Playability Toys

This company also creates toys designed specifically for children with special needs. The toys are developed for children who are blind, hearing impaired, on the Autism spectrum, and who have other physical and cognitive challenges.


Special Needs Toys

This site offers, what else, toys for special needs from swings and trampolines to other sensory-processing toys.


Toys R Us

The world’s biggest toy store chain has a section dedicated to “differently-abled” children with categories including auditory, fine and gross motor skills, creativity, self-esteem, and social skills.

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