Scrambled eggs are an easy and favorite breakfast of many, taking only a few minutes to prepare and cook, and even less time for them to be happily gobbled down.

Here are a few a ways to make them even more eggcelent.

While many people have their own methods for making scrambled eggs, the most common is to simply crack the eggs in a bowl,

mix them up with a whisk or fork, and then cook them in a pan, using a spatula to scramble the eggs as they cook.

While this may produce a wholly satisfactory plate of scrambled eggs, there are actually several minor and easy tweaks that can improve the dish even more.

1. Add salt before cooking

This is referred to by cooks in the know as pre-salting, and while you may think it could ruin your eggs, it actually helps them retain moisture while they cook.

If you let the eggs sit in the bowl for a few minutes after salting, they may appear to turn a darker color of yellow or orange, but this is okay.

2. Add milk to your eggs

Adding a bit of milk to the bowl of beaten eggs will make your scrambled eggs a bit softer and fluffier, and also impart a creamier flavor.

You can also try cream, or just a bit a water as well.

3. Add seltzer to your eggs

Adding a bit of seltzer produces scrambled eggs that are not only moist and softer, but also fluffier, giving you a slightly bigger dish than you would have received without the addition.

4. Adding butter to the pan instead of cooking spray

Melting butter to grease the pan instead of cooking spray results in scrambled eggs with a very rich flavor

5. Cooking over medium heat

if you start with a medium heat, the eggs won't cook as quickly, giving you more time to push them around gently, for the curds to rise and for fluffier eggs to be produced.

6. Add herbs, pepper, or vegetables

Eggs can be easily enhanced with all manner of ingredients. You can try a bit of pepper, thyme, rosemary, bacon bits, or a few chopped mushrooms or green peppers.

7. Remove the eggs just before they look done

The residual heat in the eggs will continue to cook them slightly when they're done, so removing them from the pan just before, or removing the pan from the burner to let the eggs finish cooking from the residual heat on the pan, will ensure that your eggs aren’t overdone.

Obviously, you don’t have to cook scrambled eggs using all these methods, but even trying just one can make a big difference with this common dish.

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