Caring for children with special needs doesn't always leave a lot of time for working out. 

But you don't need to spend hours at the gym to stay in shape, as there are seven simple ways to exercise without ever leaving your living room.

1. Use Fitness Videos

When you have at least 20 minutes to yourself, play your favorite fitness video. Choose one that involves using a relatively small area so you aren't forced to move any special needs equipment you might have in your home.

2. Use a Mobile Fitness App

There are some very effective fitness apps available that provide exercise and fitness tips you can follow at home. These mobile apps often link directly to a tracking device, so you can monitor your progress and find motivation when you need it most.

3. Embrace the Internet

The internet is home to a huge range of fitness advice that you can utilize at home. Just a quick search for workout videos on YouTube should give you many different options. There are specific workouts online that are aimed at people working out in their own home -- and many of them are absolutely free.

4. Use a Smart Yoga Mat

The latest smart yoga mats can connect to a mobile app to give you feedback on your technique. A series of sensors can identify your exact position on the mat. The app then lets you know how you can improve -- and when your technique is spot on.

5. Use a Resistance Band

A resistance band is an elasticized rope with a handle on each end. Using the resistance of the rope, you can perform a selection of common gym exercises without any of the large, bulky equipment you would normally need.

6. Use Your Own Weight

You can use your own weight as resistance for an all-around workout in a very small room. Lunges, squats and step-ups are just some of the simple exercises you can do without any equipment.

7. Do Your Chores

Performing your everyday chores at speed can help you to burn up to 500 calories an hour, which is comparable to the energy burned through power-walking.

Staying in shape when you're caring for children with special needs is possible - if you plan ahead and use these relatively simple home workout tips.

Comment below and share your home workout tips!

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