In a few weeks our relatives and close friends will start asking "What should we get Matthew for his birthday?". 

Like any Mom I'd love to say "He does NOT need any toys!". 

While I know that is not fair to Matt, I also know that no one will listen.

I know that I will have to explain that toys that are directed towards Matthew's chronological age are most likely not suitable.

For children with a delay it's often best to get toys that best suit their capabilities. 

Though a lot of times this means Matty gets baby toys there are new options out there. 

Next time you're in the toy aisle take a look around. More and more toys are advertising that they are great for sensory play or developing fine motor skills. 

Which makes this Momma very happy. 

I know now-a-days there are toy stores that are strictly educational, but they are not always the affordable option. 

Never underestimate your local super store. Not only will your wallet thank you but if and when the toy is broken there's less guilt. 

A few rules to follow when shopping for children with special needs:

  1.  Can this fit in their mouth and cause choking hazard?  
  2. Avoid anything that can wrap around face or head. 
  3. Make sure that if the child you are buying for cannot sit independently that the toy can be used lying down or on a tray if that have a specialty chair.

    (The following three rules I'm  throwing out there should be used when purchasing  any toy for any child.)

  4. If it requires batteries make sure they're included. There's nothing like explaining to your child that their brand new toy will just have to sit idle until you go to the store.  
  5. If it requires batteries it better have an on\off switch or the toy stays at the purchaser's home! 
  6. Unless you are  buying the toy for the child of arch nemesis do not buy Legos. They were sent here to destroy the nerves in sole of parents' feet. And if you do still buy the Lego's, again it's going home with purchaser.


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