Children find fun in some very weird and wonderful things.

We've all seen at least one of these funny little folks spend more time playing with a cardboard box than the expensive toy that just came out of it.

Maybe it's because their imaginations are so good, It's hard to tell. 

Whatever the reason, you've probably found your kiddo playing with some unexpected object that has taken their fancy.

It will be different for all of them, but here are five that enchanted my daughter.


Zips work wonders. Try to find ones that are about 30cm long. Take a needle and thread and just close up the one end so the zip does not come off. 

Jade loves putting them in her mouth so its good exercise for her hands and coordination.


The best to use is cellophane paper. It makes a lot of noise and cannot be easily torn or eaten.

Buy bright color and cut them into piece. So your child can hold on to it easy.

Bag of Toys

This really works with bigs that have lots of compartments. You can put all kinds of toys inside for your child to pack out and you might be surprised how busy it keeps him or her.

You can also change the toys out to so that they don’t get bored with them. But obviously don't use a plastic bag or anything unsuitable, I've found that a medium-sized toiletry bag works really well


Any light toys can be dangerous for kids that have epilepsy but for those who don’t, they really are good.

If it also makes a noise with lights it’s even better.


Music is also a very big factor. Jade loves music. Classical music is very soothing to her but she loves Rock music as well.

She tries to dance to it. It’s really funny to watch. I call her it: ‘her shake’. If you tell her to shake she does.

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