Finding time to workout can be difficult, but with these 5 quick and easy exercises you'll have no excuse. 

Let’s all face it, it’s sometimes difficult to fit exercise into the day. But never fear, we’ve compiled some of the easiest exercises that will give you a full body workout even if you only have a few minutes to spare each day:

Pushup With Leg Lift

Pushups have been around since the dawn of time, but adding in a few unique movements can superpower the exercise by engaging different muscle groups. This means less time exercising for more results. Your heart rate rises and increased intensity speeds up your metabolism. Pushups work your chest and arm muscles while a leg lift will trim and tighten your core.

How to Do It

Get into plank position and lower your chest toward the ground until your nose almost touches the ground. Push away from the floor. Once you reach plank position again, lift one leg off the ground. Hold for three seconds. Repeat and alternate legs.

Top Trick

Perform the pushup against a wall or a chair if you need to do this exercise while on the go or between tasks where you might be interrupted.

Curtsy Lunges

A clever take on the classic lunge, curtsy lunges are a go-to lower body exercise for lifting the bum and tightening the difficult inner thigh area – all in one move. These lunges can be performed almost anywhere (even while you’re doing the dishes!), making them the ideal exercise to try out at home when you’re tight on time.

How to Do It

Start with feet together. Step back one foot as if into a lunge but instead of placing your foot directly behind you, place it aligned behind your standing leg, as if you’re curtsying. You should be lowering yourself close enough to the ground so that both knees make right angles. Alternate legs and repeat.

Top Trick

The larger the step you take to the side, the more of an inner thigh burn you’ll get. Challenge yourself and you’ll see results.

Squat to Shoulder Press

Combination exercises are all about saving time and getting the most bang for your buck. This one is particularly useful when interruptions are likely. You’ll work a huge range of lower body muscles, in addition to toning shoulders.

How to Do It

Start with a basic squat, keeping your knees in line with your ankles (make sure they don’t creep forward!). Hold your weights to your shoulders as you squat and push the weight upwards toward the ceiling as you raise up from the squat.

Top Tip

You’ll need a few handheld weights for this one – but any household item can work just as well in its place. Ever tried shoulder pressing a milk carton? It’s less silly than it sounds!

Chair Dips

Another ‘busy-friendly’ exercise that works your triceps in order the tighten up those wiggly upper arms. All you need is a chair and about 30 seconds.

How to Do It

Sit in a chair with your hands clasped against the front edge of the seat. Shift your bum forward and off the chair. Drop your hips repeatedly by bending your arms at the elbow – making sure to keep your arms as close to your body as possible.

Spin Bike and/or Intervals

Mix in 30 seconds of sprints or high-intensity cardio between each of these exercises Repeat for three sets and you’ll be sweating up a storm. High intensity cardio kicks your body into 5th gear, and even burns more fat and calories in the 24 hours afterwards than a long-distance run. Don’t have a spin bike at home? Jumping jacks will do. Or try burpees or sprints on a treadmill for the more adventurous.

So what're you waiting for? Get moving!

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