With the holidays coming right up I thought I’d share a post of some of the things on our son’s Christmas wish list.

What I do is keep a running list of gift ideas for both of my children in a note on my iPhone, so when the grandparents ask what they would like for a birthday or Christmas gift I have suggestions ready. 

This also prevents family members from buying a random toy or game, etc. that our child may not find most beneficial considering the fact that he has special needs.  


If you have a difficult time coming up with ideas to give to those looking to buy your child a gift, consider asking those specialists who work with your child and other children with special needs.  

The physical and occupational therapists we work with often provide excellent gift ideas and may know of products we didn’t even know existed!  

We have also found it helpful to ask grandparents and family members to chip in and give a gift of money to help us purchase a larger item on the wish list, such as a switch, high chair, or GoTo seat!  

Our family members have been more than happy to do this for our sons last birthdays and Christmas, and love to see us get something for him we know will be used and beneficial as opposed to a toy that might sit in the pile with a million other toys.     

Here are a few fun wish list items that might find their way onto your child’s Christmas list this year.  

A few of them will definitely be on our son’s list...

1. Action Figures with Disabilities

kids action figure in a wheelchair

These boy- and girl-version dolls use wheelchairs!  

And a wheelchair toy set for dolls the same size as American Girl dolls.   

paralympic toy action figure




2. Velvet Coloring Book

sensory coloring book

The pages are velvety-soft and create a sensory coloring experience.  

This would be a great gift for a super tactile child.

3. Anti-Burst Peanut Ball

anti-burst peanut ball
This one comes at the recommendation of our son’s physical therapist. 

It is something he uses often in therapy, and will last quite a while as it can be used in many ways even as the child grows. 


4. Rody the Horse

Rody the Horse 

A fun alternative to the previous item, the peanut ball.  

This Rody horse is great for balance and coordination and will also last several years. 

It’s available in more colors too!


5. The Gift of the Ladybug 

The gift of the ladybug

A book recommendation that is a story of love and acceptance. 

Two horses learn their son is actually a ladybug, and teaches the message to children that they are perfect just as they are. 

Our family has not yet read this book, but it’s going on our wish list this holiday season. 

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