I am a pretty frugal person by nature, and a good bargain gives me an adrenaline rush.  Finding different ways to wear a great piece is a lot of fun for me, especially if it was a steal to begin with. 

So I thought it would be fun to create a blog post showing three different ways to make an outfit containing the same budget-friendly item of clothing.  

The featured item for this post will be the striped tee. 

Classic, comfortable, and easy to pair with many different items in your wardrobe, the striped tee can be a workhorse.  

For the outfits shown here, a striped tee with three-quarter length sleeves has been chosen since it suits spring and summer seasons.  You could easily substitute a long or short-sleeved tee in place of the one I have used. 

Here it is, the classic three-quarter sleeve black and white striped tee.  There are many more options and price points out there, but this one looks great and is currently under $25!  You can also play around with striped tees in different colors, but the Audrey Hepburn in me is drawn to the black and white like a moth to a light bulb.



1. Striped Tee With Florals

I heart this look.  A lot. 

A striped tee can be paired with a different pattern, like a bold floral.  The key is picking a floral that is larger scale so there is enough contrast with a skinny stripe.  The resulting look is fun and young.  The same concept can be applied to a floral short instead of a skirt.  




2. Striped Tee With Layers

This next combo is a go-to look in my wardrobe. 

Layers are so practical for the whole cool morning, warm afternoon, cool evening thing that happens in spring and summer.  I have shown two variations of the striped   tee with layers look.  The first outfit pairs the tee with a cargo jacket and cuffed denim.  If you don’t have a cargo jacket, get one.  The second outfit pairs the tee with a denim jacket and cuffed white denim.  



3. Striped Tee Dressed Up

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your striped tee, here is an outfit for you. 

Pair your tee with black pants and a blazer.  The pop of color in the blazer adds interest to the otherwise classic pieces.  Add heels and a sparkly necklace for a classy night out look.  

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