Walking is a simple way to incorporate physical activity into your life and provides a wealth of health benefits.

According to the Mayo Clinic, walking not only keeps you trim, it helps manage (and prevent!) a variety of health conditions, strengthens your body and improves your mood. 

Walking is also an easy activity for children to join in and explore the world around them.

Despite these perks, let's face it--walking can get really old, really fast.

So how can you stay motivated to keep this incredibly easy and beneficial activity in your everyday life?

Use these three strategies to not only get you walking, but keep you walking.

1) Podcasts

Podcasts are audio files that can be downloaded or streamed from your computer or smartphone. iTunes alone boasts that it has hundreds of thousands of free podcasts.

With such an extensive inventory available to you, finding a topic you're interested in (or already love) should only take a quick Google search.

Looking for information about the latest cerebral palsy or other special needs equipment? Look no further.

Are you a gardening enthusiast? Take your pick.

How about a lover of episodic horror stories? Got you covered.

2) Library Audiobooks

Library cards are free, and they provide access to far more than just the printed and bound books that line the shelves.

Many libraries also allow cardholders to check out digital materials like audiobooks (through sites like this one).

The audiobook files are usually downloaded through a connected app, where they can be played at your leisure.

When your checkout time expires, books are automatically returned for you.

Check out a story to listen to with your child, and see if this helps encourage them to keep walking as well.

Visit your local library's website or speak with a librarian to find out what sort of digital offerings they provide.

3) Stream Your Favorite Shows

This one works better on a treadmill when you don't have to worry about watching where you're going, but it's a simple and inexpensive way to get your mind off of your feet.

If you're like most content consumers these days, you probably already have at least one streaming service you frequent.

If not, subscriptions to Netflix, Huluand Amazon Prime only cost around $8-12 per month.

Not sure if this is for you? Each service offers a short trial period for free.

Another delightful thing about walking is that it's easy to do with others--friends, spouses, children.

So strap on that Upsee. It's time to walk.

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