Firefly asked Special Needs Parents: What makes a great Date Night? 

Here are 15 of their best suggestions...

1. My perfect date night is just being able to have great conversation or a silly time with my hubby. A walk with a coffee where we joke and hold hands, or a drink on a patio where we can talk about non kid related stuff!  (Andrea Morris)

2. A perfect date would be to look at, and really see, the man I love. To talk and really listen to him, instead of giving him half an ear. To squeeze his hand and let him know I still need him, maybe even more now that I am so needed. Spontaneity & adventure are shelved for awhile but I'd love to take him sailing, to show him I remember and that it won't always be so hard. (Shawna Grigg)

​3. Driving down back roads, music playing and reminiscing on the days where it was just him and I. We would also probably stop at a local diner get some food to go and go to the scenic view near our town. It's simple but it's how it all started. (Amanda Bell)

4. For us it would be dinner ALONE with no interruptions. It's always my favorite when my husband and I can actually have a conversation and feel the connection all over again. Laugh and talk about things other than health, etc. After maybe go have a few drinks somewhere else dance or just sit and watch as we enjoy each other's company. (Heather Thornbury)

​5. I would be tickled to just be able to enjoy a leisurely walk with my husband. Holding hands and actually taking time to enjoy the beautiful scenery around us. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that we forget to enjoy together. (Tina Ashcraft)

​6. Oh a whole day to our selves would be smashing. Breakfast at our favorite place shopping. People watching, a movie lunch, and maybe even see a play and drinks! (Lisa Oehler)

7. A perfect date night would be in a low light/candlelight restaurant with Spanish guitar playing. (Cassandra Ferguson Jones)

8. Probably going to the beach and walking along the shoreline, holding hands and drinking coffee and then be able to watch a movie alone and not have to worry about the kids for an hour or two. (Lindsy Murphy)

9. It would be really fun to go to a comedy club and laugh some stress away...dinner/conversation would be a nice ending to the night. (Nicole Caroline)

​10. What makes a good date: Something easy that allows you just to realize why you love and need each other. To just look at one another and smile, laugh. To remember that you are not just getting by but loving every moment. To fall in love with our perfect imperfections. (Steph Summer)

​11. A meal or a movie and the chance to get a whole nights sleep THAT is a perfect date night (Donna Anderton)

​12. I would spend it with my spouse having wine and taking a painting class. (Jennifer Helms)

13. To make sure we have designated time to talk about our days with no kids or dogs or distractions, we shower together. In a totally 'clean' way! It's the guaranteed way to dedicate time to actually listen. When we do have time to plan a date, we don't have the funds for a real date night. Just make it work and spend quality time in whatever form it is presented! (Hollie Lamb)

14. Our perfect date night would be some take out food, netflix, and going to bed way way early. (John Doxie)

​15. We would so love a date night to a nice place, candle light and all. We cherish every second together. We have never been in a Limousine so that might be an idea. (Theresa Widener)

Share your ideas on how to spend Date Night in the comments section!

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