A World Without Down’s by Sally Phillips – Everything has a crack in it, it’s what lets the light in

It’s been a week since a ground-breaking piece of television aired, one that I am proud to have played a small part in. You…

Special Needs

X is for X-ray

I can count on perhaps one hand how many X-rays I have had in my life. Once when…

Special Needs

How To Avoid a Sensory Nightmare at Halloween

Halloween can be overwhelming for a child with special needs who has SPD or more…

Girls & Boys in School (Neon Trees)

Cole started high school a few weeks ago. He left the nest of a fully inclusive…

Food, Special Needs

“Please just one bite” - Introducing new foods

I remember back to when my son was about 18 months old and he suddenly stopping eating…

Going out?

Going out doesn't have to be an ordeal. Find stores across the UK & Ireland equipped with our Firefly GoTo Shop Trolley and venues with Space to Change accessible toilets

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GoTo Shop Trolley

Get behind this campaign and soon we could see the GoTo Shop Trolley in #EverySupermarket

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Feeding Your Child “Real” Food, on a Pureed Diet

Mealtime can be tricky for parents of any five year old.  

Special Needs

U is for Unique

We all like to think we are a unique don’t we? A bit special, destined for…

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The Mediterranean Diet & Your Health

The Mediterranean diet and its many health benefits has featured numerous times recently…

Special Needs


In July I wrote a blog about Zachariah starting nursery and I shared how overwhelming…