T is for Therapy

I’m back on the therapy cycle again, that little hamster wheel of hope and promise which try as hard as I like seems to mostly…

Special Needs

Operation Cinema

Social media is bursting at the seams with parents of children with special needs…

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More “Me Time”

This is a topic that gets written on quite a lot, probably because it’s something…

Special Needs

Favorite Things

I'd like to share a list of several of our current favorite things in the hopes…

Special Needs

Boredom is good

For most of her life, Miss Z has wanted, craved and demanded predictability. She…

Going out?

Going out doesn't have to be an ordeal. Find stores across the UK & Ireland equipped with our Firefly GoTo Shop Trolley and venues with Space to Change accessible toilets

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GoTo Shop Trolley

Get behind this campaign and soon we could see the GoTo Shop Trolley in #EverySupermarket

Special Needs

R is for Relatives

Relatives and how they behave within a family with a child who has special needs…

Special Needs

Q is for questions

Questions, I find I have a lot of them. In fact seven years on from Lucy’s…

Special Needs

Thank you to all our lovely Firefly followers!

This week we completed another amazing milestone in the Firefly journey, by reaching 50,000…

Special Needs

Should SEN parents be worried about how much screen time their children have?

As I type this, my son is playing on his Kindle and my daughter is playing Leapfrog…