Seeing the blessing in being a parent of a disabled child

Now let me say this first so you don't get the wrong idea of what I'm saying.

Special Needs

Five Special Christmas Gifts for a Special Needs Parent

I used to think it was only children who were asked in December, 'What would…

Special Needs

New rule - No Comparing: Special Needs Parenting

I vividly remember a conversation I had with a friend when our son started physical…

Special Needs

Special Needs Parenting: What I think of equipment

The last week or so has been a real eye opener for me. 

Special Needs

A full time carer at Christmas: Extra stress!

If you ask people what jobs never get time off at Christmas and the majority will…

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Our first hospice visit

What is the first thing that the word “hospice” brings to your mind? 

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Z is for Zoo

In my self-imposed challenge to blog my way through the alphabet about special needs…

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Special Needs Brothers & Sisters: Constant Arguing!

My three monsters are slowly pushing me to my limit!